Top 5 Moments on the Greek Islands

    It’s the place to slow down a fast-paced lifestyle for a while - and what better way is there to soak up the Greek Islands than by sailboat?

    Top 5 Moments on the Greek Islands with G Adventures

    In what initially felt like a cramped space for seven people and a boat that would never stop rocking, my sea legs quickly came back to me over the six days of my sailing trip from Santorini to Mykonos and I really started to take in the sights, sounds, and flavours of the islands. It’s the place to slow down a fast-paced lifestyle for a while - and what better way is there to soak up the Greek Islands than by sailboat? Here are five of my favourite moments during my sailing experience across the Greek Islands.

    Photo: Naxos sunset

    Walking the Plank

    ...onto the boat, that is. As it teetered with the waves - and images of tripping and splashing into the cold water ran through my mind - I kept my cool, took a deep breath, and with three big steps, I walked the plank and crossed safely onto the boat. It was now official - I had finally arrived and the islands were mine to indulge.

    Photo: Greece Yaght

    Getting around by ATV

    A cheaper alternative to renting a car, hopping on an ATV was the most liberating way to see the islands, and also the most practical since the single-lane roads can be quite narrow and winding at times. We took our rented ATV out for a spin and managed to see a lot of Santorini in just one afternoon.

    Watching the Sunset

    The postcards don't lie. In fact, it's even more beautiful in person. White-washed buildings with blue domes overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the sun setting in the distance, onlookers wandering the quiet streets and settling in at was a moment to slow down and take it all in.

    Swimming in the middle of the Mediterranean

    What better way to spend a sunny afternoon in quiet solitude than drifting in pristine aqua waters?

    Photo: Greece Sailing CEO

    Late-night wine and food

    Somehow the taste of good wine and food is made even better when it's 11 PM on a warm summery night on streets lined with outdoor patios and fellow diners all revelling in the night.

    Photo: Sailing port - Night

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